KZ 32V


Where classic design meets contemporary functionality. Crafted for the modern workspace, its timeless aesthetic seamlessly blends into any office environment while boasting the versatility to transition effortlessly into your gaming haven.

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Modern Functionality

Crafted for the modern workspace

Classic Design

Embrace the essence of sophistication with its classic and clean design, tailored to complement professional settings without compromising on style. The inbuilt venting ensures optimal airflow, maintaining a cool and quiet atmosphere conducive to productivity.

Office Sleeper

Equipped to accommodate Micro ATX and ITX motherboards, this case offers flexibility without sacrificing performance. Harness the power of connectivity with USB 3.0 and HD Audio ports conveniently located for easy access. Plus, with the capacity to fit up to a rear 80mm fan (included), you can ensure efficient cooling and optimal performance for your system.

Micro ATX Motherboard Support

GPU support for 255mm cards and CPU cooler height of 140mm


  • 260mm (L) x 165 mm (W) x 353 mm (H)
  • USB 3, USB 2, HD Audio
  • GPUs up to 255mm
  • CPU cooler height up to 140mm
  • Micro ATX / ITX motherboards supported

Frequently asked questions

PWM case fans have an advantage over DC case fans in terms of airflow, as they can spin faster when the system is hot and generate more airflow

Improved Airflow: Mesh PC cases typically have a more open design with perforated metal panels, allowing for better airflow compared to solid panels like glass. This helps in keeping the components cooler, which can result in better performance and longevity.

The size of the office PC case depends on your needs and available space. Generally, for office use, a mid-tower case is sufficient. It offers a good balance between size and expansion options.

Yes, most office PC cases are designed to accommodate standard components like keyboards, mice, monitors, and printers. Make sure to check the dimensions and compatibility of your peripherals with the case you’re considering.

Office PC cases are designed to withstand typical office environments and usage patterns. Look for cases constructed from high-quality materials like steel or aluminium for durability and longevity.

Many office PC cases are designed with noise reduction in mind, using sound-dampening materials and optimized airflow to minimize fan noise. However, it’s essential to check specific features and user reviews to ensure quieter operation.

It depends on the model and manufacturer. Some office PC cases come with pre-installed fans to ensure adequate airflow and cooling, while others may require separate fan purchases. Be sure to review the product specifications for details on cooling options.